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Hello blog world! We've been a little sparse with the blog entries over the past few weeks, we know...but, this whole moving our lives and shop across the country bit definitely requires a lot of attention. Exciting times are ahead, but since this is also the month of Thanksgiving we are thrilled to announce a CONTEST - woohoo!

Because we have realized that it truly does feel better to give than to receive, we are giving away one completely free, no strings attached, Tailor Made wedding invitation design to a lucky couple chosen at random from comments on this blog post.

Here's a topic: What is the best wedding you've ever been to, and what made it so great?

The winner, chosen at random on November 22nd (announced here and on Facebook - so pay attention!), will go through our entire collaborative design process, and can then either take the digital file to have their invitations printed anywhere, OR choose to have them letterpress printed through us (we have to charge for that part, but it's highly recommended!).

Comments are open through November 21st.


The best wedding I've attended was my parents wedding. At the time of their wedding I was 19 and they had wait 25 years to have the funds for a huge wedding. Our family had an amazing time and being involved in the process as an adult made the wedding exceptionally touching and important to me.

The best wedding I've ever been to was, hands down, my twin sister's. I know this is biased but having a front row seat to all the trials/tribulations of planning... And seeing it all come together so perfectly/flawlessly... was amazing! And she couldn't have done a more incredible job. The feeling of love in the room (well, tent) was palpable!

First of all, your invitations are beautiful beyond my wildest dreams.

I have not been to too many weddings, but my fiance's sister got married three years ago and it was truly beautiful. One of the things that I loved was that all of the wedding guests in attendance sang a simple processional song for the bride to walk to, words printed on the back of the program, accompanied by a keyboardist.

The best wedding I have been to was my cousin's. She was the first person in our family to get married, and it was also the first time I brought my then-boyfriend (now fiance) home to meet my extended family. Despite my jitters over being a first-time bridesmaid and over throwing my boyfriend into the deep end of the "meet-the-family" pool, everything went wonderfully! We all had a wonderful time celebrating my cousin and her new husband. Family is very important to us all, and to be able to bring my fiance into that fold for the first time made my memory of my cousin's special day all the more wonderful.

The best wedding I have been to was my sister's wedding! Her husband is like a brother to me and they had been dating for nearly 10 years when they got married. I was the maid of honor and it was such a wonderful, wonderful day!

The best wedding I've ever been to was the wedding of my two friends who've been together since they were 15. It was NO WHERE NEAR expensive or fancy, not even a photo booth, no open bar, no band... but it had a HUGE group of friends, together since they were little kids, that tore up the dance floor from the time the salad came out until the sun came up! best wedding ever!

My favorite wedding was my friend Kim's big day. It was a good length of time, the ceremony was sincere, and the food was amazing! :D

The best wedding I have been to was my best friends who got married in Tuscany, Italy. It was the most beautiful venue and friends and family travelled from all over the world to be there which made it that much more special!
I would love to win this prize as I love pretty stationary and would love this for my wedding!

The best wedding I have ever had the pleasure of going to was a backyard wedding. It was informal and everyone was just laid back and relaxed. The food was simple but very good and they had signature cocktails for the bride and groom.

The most wonderful wedding I have attended was a wedding in the countryside of Paris. The rented an old private chateau. Mostly everyone pitched in to help set up. We took trains from Paris out the country, listened to music, took turns cooking, set up beds for the guests, and really all bonded before the party. It truly felt like a family affair.

The best wedding I have been to happened this past summer. I fell out of touch with a friend who I had known since 1st Grade, and she was getting married to a friend of my family's. We reconnected and she invited me to her wedding in June. I'm not one to get emotional, but I cried like a baby through the entire ceremony. My friend had done a remarkable job of creating a rustic chic wedding on a tight budget, and it looked like a million bucks. With a gorgeous mansion setting and chalkboards, tones of pastels everywhere, the moment the ceremony started was wonderful. I had the chance to witness my oldest friend declare her love and commitment to the perfect guy for her. To be able to witness my friend who I grew up with walk down the aisle as a woman and walk back a wife was just awesome. They had mixtures of tradition, inside jokes, and good ol' fashion romance in their ceremony, and it was a joy to watch. Then we got to dance the night away and drink out of mason jars with our names on them.The touches of their personalitie, DIY, and my own reflection made it a fabulous time! Now it's my turn to walk down the aisle next year, and I look forward to sharing that day with my newly-married, oldest, and dearest friend.

The best wedding I went to was probably that of my best friends', Caley + Sabrina! The reason why their wedding was my favorite was because it felt so intimate! It was a pretty big wedding but it didn't feel huge at all. It felt very comfortable and not overwhelming. And on top of that the venue and decor was just wonderful!!! My own wedding is coming up, however, and I know that will be my absolute FAVORITE wedding. =)

The best wedding I went to was my older cousins. It was on a farm. Everything was personal and tailored to who the couple was. every moment was filled with so much love and personality!

Backyard wedding in Southern California that felt so warm and personal, and it didn't hurt that it was catered by In 'n Out :)

The best wedding I've ever been to was a cousin's wedding during a big hurricane weekend on the east coast. Their entire weekend-long wedding was cancelled due to the storm and a number of guests weren't able to fly in. We all attended the rehearsal dinner, feeling sad for the couple. However, they surprised us and came out in their wedding dress and suit and announced that they would get married at the rehearsal dinner that night! It was so romantic and surprising and beautiful.

The best wedding I've ever been to was very simple. It was in a rustic backyard but it had all of these fancy things like a raw bar and a mojito bar. It was lots of fun!

The best wedding that I have ever been to is my cousin's wedding down in Florida. What made it so special was that the entire family was there and having fun - my 90 great grandmother danced the night away. Everyone was so happy for my cousin and that outpouring of support and love always made it a day to remember!

The best wedding I have ever been to was a few years ago when my best friend from college got married. The whole day was so personal and intimate, and there were so many details that really stood out. Plus, it was in Florida, and you can't get much better weather than that!

A friend's wedding where they had an intimate open air wedding with the nearest and the dearest. What strikes me the most was how intimate and personal it is. The groom likes books and the bride had a penchant for gift wrapping. They both liked thrift shopping. So for their wedding favours, they scoured through thrift shops to find books that were personal and would mean smthg to each individual guests, wrapped it and used it as a favour/place cards. They used books as a centrepiece as well. It was unique, personal and suited their budget nicely! A true example that a wedding does not have to be expensive to be memorable!

The best wedding I've ever attended was on, of all places, a chicken farm on Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Relaxed, fun, casual. No assigned seats, food truck catering, serve-yourself bar, the grooviest of bands named Funktapus, a yurt that got crazy after hours, and - of course - a photo of me in a fancy dress clutching a live chicken. I'll never forget it.

I am 26 years old with lots of friends and family members, but I have barely been to any weddings! When I was six I was the flower girl in my aunts wedding and the next wedding I attended was when I was a bridesmaid in my cousins wedding almost 15 years later--on New Years Eve! I looked forward to being in the wedding, being with my family, and actually attending a wedding as an adult! It meant so much to me to be a part of my cousin's wedding. There were over 200 people there, the majority of them being my family. I was so honored and touched to be a part of her big day and I couldn't have been more happy to spend New Years Eve partying with my favorite people in the world--my family.

The best wedding I ever went to was my brothers. Even though it wasn't the fanciest wedding the two of them had been through a lot to get to that point which made it very special :)

The best wedding I've been to was my older sister's in September 2013. She had a tough year, and the day turned out to be everything she could have wanted - perfect weather, everyone was on the dance floor the entire night, and she married her boyfriend of 10 years. It was so much fun, and I hope my August 2014 wedding is just a fraction of the fun we had at hers!

I was not even a guest at the best wedding I have ever been to! I worked as a bartender for a luxury catering company in the Newport area during summers when I was in college. The ceremony was along the water's edge in a neighbor's (beautiful) backyard overlooking Buzzards Bay, and the reception was held under a tent on the bride's grandparents property. There was an awesome, laid back attitude to the entire event. When the bar closed for the night, the bride and groom carried out (in their dress/suit!) tubs of beers and lined the dance floor for their guests to party into the night. The band was amazing, and I just wanted to step out from behind the bar and join them. They are definitely people that I could be friends with....

My brother's wedding was the best of I've been to. Everything they did made the day so joyous and you could feel the love. It was a big wedding, but the venue was intimate and outdoors and the weather was great!

A quaker style wedding where everyone shared with the bride and groom their thoughts of love, relationships and making it work! We're going to try to copy some of the elements for our big day!

I've been attending weddings for almost 10 years now witnessing close college and high school friends marry their true it's tough to pick the BEST. But,one wedding does stand out and it took place in Connecticut. It was my husband's cousin and I had never met him until that event. Now that I'm married, I completely respect and praise them for changing their venue 2 weeks prior to their wedding due to the massive flooding from Hurricane Sandy. You would have never known that and it ended beautifully. Took place near the water under a tent with a blue grass band and mini sliders and fries during cocktail hour, an amazing band where the dance floor was never empty and a FUN photo booth fit with African animals to fit the theme of their african safari honeymoon. ALl the details, including fabric swatches for a guest book that would be made into a quilt for the couple and a gift where the proceeds went to the bride's passion of saving children - all of it was perfect and did not go unnoticed.

I love these invitations. They fit so well with my style for the wedding!

Hands down my college friend's wedding in Western Massachusetts. Low key and perfect in every way, equipped with pig roast, fried dough and horse shoes.

I went to my friends wedding in Richmond, VA and it was hands down the biggest party funnest (I know thats not a word but it should be) wedding ever. I really think it was the band. And it didnt hurt that they had the mascot of Chick-fil-A handing out sandwiches at the end of the wedding.

Congratulations, Marti! Your comment about the Quaker style wedding was chosen at random, and it is with delight that I now offer you your FREE Tailor Made wedding invitation design through Tweedle Press. Please send me an email at so we can get started!

Everyone else - thank you so much for participating and for all your lovely thoughts about amazing weddings. I have loved reading through them. Keep your eyes peeled on this blog, our Facebook page (, or sign up for our newsletter ( for more contests like this. And, of course, fascinating news about what's going on at the shop. Cheers!


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